Marni Grut has released some pretty hot stuff at her store, Royal Blue. Below are a few interpretations of these. In honour of the store’s name, I am wearing my Hair with Crown! from Noju.

Royal Blue

Casual chic

Royal Blue

Straight from the office

Royal Blue

Satin trimmed jacket for chillier evenings

Royal Blue

*Always* carry your purse!

Royal Blue

Always cute from behind 😉


All clothing available from Royal Blue

– Meshington body suit in nude
– Necklace tank in grey
– Serouse Bow Times trousers in Navy
– Sluts in Skyscrapers shoes
– Studded clutch in sea
– Corporate Pow Wow in blue

Hair: Crown hair in brown from Noju

Skin: Beach Osprey by Curio

Jewellery: Kau’i disc Necklace and earrings in silver by Lucas Lameth – LUC Fashion Jewelry