The road, still winding up and on
Over the bare, brown endless hills
Is empty now. The sheep are gone,
And slowly silence comes and fills
The trees, the hills, the hour, the day
With something far more sweet than sound.
While on the sky-line far away
A filmy saffron veil is found.
And slowly now the sun goes down
And gradual shade with gentle hand
Soothes with a smile the fretful frown
And brusque hot-temper of the land.

—Isobel Andrews


Eventide at Alchemy Immortalis


The incomparable comfort of an open hearth


The Lady of the House


Ready for the Ball


Dress: Evening Splendor in Forest Green by Deliverance

Hair: Cajsa in Treacle by Truth

Skin: Beach Osprey by Curio

Jewellery: Ami amet deli pencet French Brooch Necklace and Earrings by Alchemy Immortalis

Here follows and example of New Zealand contemporary music. This is because the beauty of the Alchemy Immortalis sims remind me so much of where I live, New Zealand.

The Last Day of June – Jonny Love (A local boy;))