Earlier this week I paid a final visit to the Black Swan sim, before its eventual obliteration in a short while. I had watched this sim as it was being built some time ago, along with a number of others in that cluster. It was a reminder to me that even beautiful things do not last in a virtual environment, especially when dollars are at stake. Thanks to the talent and creativity of a number of builders, we have been blessed with these creations for our enjoyment.

I have selected a dress that thrilled me to see – frothing colours of pounding surf, swirling tidal waters lapping around my feet, delicately enhanced by shell and pearl jewelled belt and drapery.


Three varieties of skirt are included, here you see Grand


Opera gloves are included, with white and teal versions.


The Grand skirt moves and swishes like the sea


A close up to show drapery


The short version


Dress: Oceanna by Laughing Academy, purchased from the Black Swan sim

Shoes: Elven sandals by Yabusaka

Hair: Cajsa in Ivory by Truth

Skin: Beach Osprey by Curio