Careful inspection of a friend’s dress today (thank you Nika!) reminded me of a store I had not visited for a while, so off I went, traipsing across the grid until I arrived at eLDee, the creative outlet of Lilyana Dryke. Here is what I discovered 🙂


The Amyna dress, shown here in green, has three possible variations


Viva dress, shown in green (yay lucky chair!) and pink


The dreamy Thaana in lagoon


Bali in pink and red


And two old favourites, Lara and Pomme


All clothing available from eLDee

Hair: All hair are new releases from Truth, all shown in Treacle shade, from top to bottom are Cajsa, Gemma and Haylie styles

Jewellery: Necklace and earrings where shown are Set 122 from Kraftika

Skin: New from the amazing Gala Phoenix, Beach in Sundust Osprey dark from Curio

Shoes: beautifully textured and sculpted shoes in those hard to get colours from R2