I return again to visit my Friends The Sheep, as I have heard on the grapevine that a choir is being formed, and as I love to sing, I am anxious to try out. I’m quite confident that my years of singing in the shower will hold me in good stead.

Singing In The Rain

The sheep seem quite happy to allow me to do a bit of conducting to begin with.

Singing In The Rain

It’s easy to harmonise with bleatings, once I pick up the Rhythm

Singing In The Rain

Suddenly the happy bleatings change to cries of pain. “Cease and desist!” they cry, “who ever told you that you could sing? It’s no more than caterwauling!”

Singing In The Rain

Humbled by the sheep, I ponder for a while, humming a little tune to myself.


Dress: Colleen in Red by Surf Couture

Jewelry: Cube shell necklace and earrings, no longer available

Hair: Baby’s on Fire by !Lamb

Skin: Suntan Misty Fuschia by League

Photographed at the Beautifully growing Empress and Hierophant Bed and Breakfast!