Today, I delved into that fearful thing that is my inventory, to see what lay hidden midst piles of notecards, old event textures, dud landmarks and feeble chicken dance gesures.

I managed to unearth a dress I acquired some months ago, a delicate creation from Phoenix Rising, the Shadows Dress. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂

Shadows Dancer

Elegantly complemented with shoes by Redgrave

Shadows Dancer

Highlighted by jewelry from Alchemy Immortalis

Shadows Dancer

Perfect for dancing the evening away

Shadows Dancer


Dress: Shadows Dress from Phoenix Rising

Shoes: Feather Heels in black from Redgrave

Jewelry: Earrings, bracelet and ring from Alchemy Immortalis

Hair: Monday in brunette by Analog Dog

Skin: Suntan misty in Fuschia by League