Things have gotten a little too world weary and serious lately, so I figured I needed some lighthearted fun. Swine flu is doing the rounds at my Physical work (as opposed to my Virtual work), the ‘net was awash with rumours (unfounded) of a ban on Australians, and there’s been too many famous deaths recently.Time to lighten up a bit 🙂


What better way to escape than be the filling in a hamburger?


Or some exercise in jumping the old tyre collection…


Mini tramp will get the blood pounding and heart racing, for sure!


Or some old fashioned hopscotch – yay me! I won!


I often neglect the rear view of a pretty frock. Here you can see the same attention to detail in this lovely ensemble from Mimikri.


Skirt: K.I.T skirt, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Jacket: K.I.T jacket, Gabrielle in black by Mimikri

Tank: Beater tanktop in pinky by VG Republic – no longer available

Shoes: Coquette Noir by Indyra Originals

Hair: Drucilla in Black – midnight by Sirena

Skin: My lovely skin is Suntan Misty Twilight by League

Photographed at The Deck
– for all your fun and games needs!