According to the Secondlife group ABC friends, access to Secondlife by Australians will continue as normal.

From Wolfie Rankin, moderator ABC Friends group of SecondLife:

ABC Island Admin, Daveinoz, phoned Senator Conroys’ Office just now and asked if Secondlife would be banned, They said, and this is a direct quote “Absolutely, Categorically not”.

So there you have it. No need for hysteria, tears, threats, panic. All is good

Australians Banned from SecondLife? No way mate

Shown above is a group of assorted hobos, some Australian, enthusiastically celebrating the “news”

“Linden Lab has received no indications from the Australian government that it plans to block Second Life and will keep our community apprised of any developments on that front. In the meantime, we want to assure Australian Residents that Second Life remains accessible and functioning in your region.

Australia has and will continue to be an important market for Linden Lab, and we’re committed to providing the best possible Second Life experience for the users in that market. Some of the most exciting uses of Second Life have come out of Australia, a diverse community of Residents that includes major universities, K12 schools (in Teen Second Life), large enterprises and many thousands of consumers, who spend hundreds of thousands of hours inworld each month.



Claudia L’Amoreaux
Education Programs manager
Linden Lab | Second Life Grid”