The Design House ::Sugarcube:: and its talented creator, Sayuri Cremorne, has developed considerably since I purchased my first Sugarcube clothing some time ago.

Besides being a talented designer creating exquisite hand drawn garments, Sayuri is a lovely person, friendly, helpful and also offering excellent customer service. Here is a small selection of her beautiful things:-


‘Tie-dye Dress’


‘HASU One-shoulder dress – blanche’


‘Goldfish Dress – black’


All clothing available from ::Sugarcube::

Hair: photos 1 and 3, Twiggy in Treacle by Truth

Hair: photo 2 – Dorothys Morning in Solo Dancer by Fashionably Dead

Spectacles: Booksmart glasses by Creative Sector

Skin: June in Allium 2 Sundust by Curio

Shoes: Elven Sandals by Yabusaka