I received a pair of gumboots as a gift for being part of the Alchemy Immortalis subscribomatic group last night. these are a prototype and really appeal to me. These boots are also traditionally known as wellington boots, or wellies. Perfect for stomping around through booggy ground, wading through shallow water, and altogether adding a sense of practicality to my dress. Speaking of which, this dress is a favourite from Artilleri, a timeless classic.
My hair is a wonderful find from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair 09. This style is named Dorothy’s Morning and comes in a full variety of flavours. My skin is my usual from Curio.

Gumboots and More

These boots are perfect for crossing flooded creeks

Gumboots and More

These boots are a prototype, and I am quite confident the final version will be worthy.

Gumboots and More

A final close up of the lovely Curio skin and Fashionably Dead hair.

Gumboots and More


Dress: Charlotte in blue from Artilleri

Jewelry: L’Chaim earrings and necklace from Earthstones

Skin: June in Daylily2 from Curio

Hair: Dorothy’s Morning in Peanut from Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair 09

Boots: Prototype wellington boots from Alchemy Immortalis at Empress and Hierophant group