I had an interesting time at the Hair Fair today, made all the more challenging because of the overwhelming numbers attending. I and some friends watched the 4 sims fill to maximum capacity within 2 minutes of the Fair opening. Many people nowadays are very aware of how their avatar and attachments can effect not only their performance, but that of the sim as a whole, and have taken a very responsible attitude to lessen their own personal load. Here follows some interesting photos of how some people dealt with potential issues before they arose.


This is my friend Zu Parx. Zu has a wicked sense of humour, if you see Zu, play a practical joke!


This is nifty – no one will know if you are male or female


Dress up as a statue! Or dipped in liquid plastic


Umm….dress in latex and make awful faces?


Dress up as….a drawing!

To Reduce Your lagability

1. Remove all unnecessary prims, including scripted objects. Wear system pants, shirt. thats all you need, trust me

2. go to Advanced/debug settings. A small box will pop, copy and paste into it this: RenderAvatarMaxVisible. You will see a value of 35 – reduce this to 5 and it will lighten the load considerably.

3. Do not watch your ARC or that of others. Have your Stats window open if you like (View/statistics bar) and keep an eye on your FPS and ping rate.

Hope this makes for a more pleasant trip to the Hair Fair 09 for you 🙂