Unable to resist the lure Of the Dream Merchants’ latest creation, I slip back through the portal. I am greeted by the familiar misty hills, awash with fine rain.

I return

I follow the sound of bleating sheep, and discover that Head Ram has cast himself adrift, and will need to be rescued.

I return

I decide to wade into the low surf to rescue the wayward beast, before the tide comes in and makes it near impossible.

I return

I return to shore, to a hero’s welcome by the rest of the flock


This close up shows you the intricate detail of painting on the jewelry available from the Dream Merchants.

I return

I glance up, and see a single figure at the horizon. The Innkeeper I presume. I will return another day

I return

This particular journey through time has been brought to you the following artists:-

Blouse: Valerie in Rust by Leezu

Skirt: Zarah in soft black by Leezu

Belt: Wide Belt – brown by Coco Designs

Necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet:Sephiron Cabouchon range from the Dream Merchants at AlchemyImmortalis

Photographed here