During my recent travels, I discovered a door. Upon opening this, I fell through a warp in the space/time continuum and arrived in the realm of Empress and Hierophant, a creation of the gifted duo of Immortalis and Alchemy Cyannis.

A Door Through time

I was greeted by a soft drizzling rain, tumbling waterways and beautiful views. And sheep.

A Door Through Time

There is great pleasure to be found in soothing rain. Having come from a country constantly in drought, I appreciate rain.

A Door Through Time

The landscape I emerged into reminds me greatly of what I imagined middle ages Europe to be. Or modern day England 🙂

A Door Through Time

A small footbridge over the river has fallen into disrepair, nevermind, the shallows are fine to wade through
A Door Through Time

I have to show you a close up of this exquisite jewelry, created by the talented Maizon Rayna of Terra D’ombrA. Her style is unique, detailed, and elegant.

A Door Through Time

Alas it is time for me to leave the dwelling of the Alchemists. I will return, soon.


Dress: ‘Selena’ in Jade, by Maizon Rayna of Terra D’ombrA

Shoes: Glamour metallic pumps – gold by Detour

Jewelry: Rrose by Maizon Rayna of Terra D’ombrA

Hair: DRL Leah black found here

Photographed in the beautiful Empress and Hierophant creation, found here