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A brand new sim for your shopping pleasure opened today. Creve Coeur is a fun carnival atmosphere, with lots of things to play with.

Others have blogged the excellent value very-close-to-free goodies to be had in the balloons scattered about the sim, so I will make do with a few funny photos, clad in a surprisingly sweet and fun outfit from {Boutique}
creve coeur

I found a lovely friendly elephant to play with.
creve coeur

Then I discovered the knife throwing wheel. Lucky for me, there was no one around to practice their skills on me!
creve coeur

My very serious pose outside the {Boutique} store.

And finally, something which we should all keep in mind. This is emblazoned across a large wall for all to see, if they care to look.
creve coeur

Creve Coeur – We Like It Here can be found here

Shirt, jacket and cocktail shorts by Tenshi Vielle for {Boutique} can be found here or here

Definitely worth a visit!

While I shiver in the bitterly cold winter evenings in the Southern Hemisphere winter, I dream of the coming spring and summer, and the thrill of being alive that always accompanies those seasons. My avatar enjoys the virtual summer for me 😉
Gentle summer days

This is such a pretty outfit, with delicately sculpted frills on the jacket, a pleasant accompaniment to the flouncy dress. Available in a variety of colours, made by the talented Nardya Rousselot from Nardcotix.
Gentle Summer days
Gentle Summer days


Dress: Colleen Sappy from Nardcotix found here
Hair: Mimi By Iren found here

I revisited the hauntingly beautiful creation of Alchemy Immortalis today.

If you go through the store and up a little rise, you will find a dance area with singles and couples dances loaded into a pillar. If you are dancing singly, select the dance ‘thunderstorm’ and have your media player set LOUD to play the music.
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

The outfit is a combination of Digit Darkes, Nardcotix, Maitreya and Alchemy Immortalis. Here are some close ups of the exquisitely crafted brooch. It is set to place at the throat, however I have adjusted it somewhat
Whirling Dervish
Whirling dervish

And to the credits for the talented makers:-

Hair: Mimi blacks by Iren found here

Skin by the wonderful Gala Phoenix of Curio, in June Sundust Doe1 found here

Boots: Dune Red by Maitreya found here

Jacket: part of Serina dress purple by Digit Darkes, found here

Dress: Nardya Noir No.7 Skirt Ruby from Nardcotix found here

Exquisite brooch: “Ami Amet Deli Pencet” French Brooch by Alchemy Immortalis, found here

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