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Immersiva is a sim full of art, by Bryn Oh. The sim itself was kindly donated for use by Dusan Writer.

Immersiva showcases the quirky and unusual art works of Bryn, covering the entire sim. If you go to see, ensure you look *everywhere* as there are many highly detailed items that you could easily miss if not careful. Machinima is a click awayat a number of locations. There is also a TP to the gallery shop, where you can purchase your very own piece of Bryn Oh art.
Please enjoy the following photographs.


Immersiva can be found here

I am wearing Mara in grey by KA Designs found here

The delightfully eccentric Iota Ultsch has done it again, and created another Thing Of Beauty, in the form of her Flock You! range. Available in a myriad of colours, executed with precision, crafted with love.

Birds of a Feather

Whether wafting through gardens, or exuberantly welcoming the new day, this dress is a joy to wear.

Birds of A Feather
BHirds of A Feather

Dress: Flock You! by Iota Ultsch at Tres Jolie

Hair:Peacock Strutt Hat/Hair by Creamy Cooljoke for Freestyle

Numerous Italian designers are found across the grid, and I am showing teo styles from two designers today.
The first is from Azul, one of my favourites. The design is Annie
Italian Style in Old New York

A cute outfit, suitable for summer amblings

old new yorkcrop_004
For a formal night out painting the town red (or blue), I have selected ‘Milly’ from Terra D’ombrA *Maizon Rayna Couture

old new yorkcrop_001
Links to Stores

Maizon Rayna Couture


Photographs taken at Old New York

One of the great joys of travelling this marvellous environment, is the ability to transform ourselves, either by changing our avatar, changing our clothes, or do as I did, and discover a Place of Wearable Art. I was thrilled to stumble upon Alpha Tribe, the work of Alpha Auer and her Alts Grapho Fullstop, Xiamara Ugajin and Alpho Fullstop.

Wearable Art

This is the “Aqva” costume, it comes with all that you see plus a number of variations to the headress

Wearable Art

This one is entitled “Monsiuer Labisse” and is part of the Floral range

Wearable Art

This is titled Red Ammonite.

All costumes are available from Alpha Tribe at extremely reasonable prices

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