***Best buy in Secondlife $100L***

My friend Hugo made this lounge room suite. He did not want to sell it in world, so I said I would for him. So, together we took half an hour or more to box it up and get it into a fit state to sell, keeping appropriate perms in place. Then it was off to find a wee store to put it in.

Enter Melatonin Hax, who kindly allowed me to rent a maze store at the March Hare sim. I was quite prepared to plonk it down on the grass, but she ever so kindly built a delightful little room within the store, and I must admit it looks quite comfy there.

It comes with the furnishings you can see here. The couches are loaded up with sitter poses. It consists of:- 3 seater couch, 2 seater couch, single couch, coffee table, floor rug, corner table, vases, potted plant, table standing phot frame with sculpty instruction (very handy), cushions on the couches, and a TV screen which is purely decorative.

Oh, and I am wearing a cute dress from Elate!, shoes from Earthstones-my-favourite-jewelry-store, jewelry from Eclectica

And the lounge setting is from Merde