Do you wish to have your senses touched, visually and aurally, whilst in one of the most diverse architecture and art builds across the grid? Then take a visit to Locus, home of the Cetus Institute.

Art and Architecture

Here you will find work of artists such as Eshi Otawara, DB Bailey, Dizzy Banjo, Skip Gaffer, Glyph Graves and many, many more. These are interactive works, not for the timid of heart.

Art and Architecture

I have spent many hours here and still have not seen everything. You also will become lost in this unique environment.

Art and Architecture

I am wearing:

top and bottom photos:
buckle pants spring blue by Slink

Frilly Summer thing (top) by Twosome

Akamai Silver shoes by R2

Hair – Secret light blonde by The Abyss

Middle photo:

RP Couture – Renewal No.2 Dusty Rose from House of Rfyre