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A little while back I stumbled across a unique build.

The creativity, execution and skill that has gone into this build is beyond belief. Exquisite care has been taken with the finest details, and I thought, what better a place to show off the beautiful Bloggers gift kindly given by Evangeline Miles from Evie’s Closet.

The gown was simply begging for heavily encrusted gems and exotic hair, so I obliged.

Beware! Mere earthling...

Beware! Mere earthling...

The Glory of Regal Purple

The Glory of Regal Purple

Only for the insatiably curious with nothing to lose

Only for the insatiably curious with nothing to lose

Evie’s Closet is here

Gems from Paper Couture here

you can find Omega Point here

The magic, mysticism, heat and exoticism of India has fascinated us for generations past, and will continue to lure us to dream.

Zaara weaves her spells intricately through her jewelry. With each pearl set, with every strand of hand beaten gold she binds us to her history and beauty of her country, tied with one silken red cord.

My Heart Belongs to India

My Heart Belongs to India

Snapshot indian_004

Permit yourself to also be enticed, and lose your heart to India

All jewelry and sari from {Zaara}

Snapshot indian_006

I have been priveleged over the past few days, to have been invited to take part in the Blogger Appreciation Week.

I started blogging just a few weeks back at the strong encouragement from Sasy Scarborough. Despite a bundle of nerves, a couple of ‘nice’ posts, one post which took off enormously at lightning speed and actually caused the viewer to be changed , I have not done anything special to warrant an outpouring of gratitude from Designers.

Generosity measured in arms lengths

Generosity measured in arms lengths

Therefore, I would like to specially send my heartfelt thanks to the following people, in no particular order:-

Sabina Gully
Callie Cline
Willow Caldera
Tenshi vielle
Ghost Harris
Ding Fotherington
Polaire Aeghin
Estelle Parnall
Dave Casanova
Aemilia Case
Zoe Demar
oxoSimplyAmandaoxo Magic
Flutter Memel
Nyte Vargas
June Dion
Ivy Blaisdale
Jori Watler
Tuli Asturias
Farah Palmer
Aradia Dielli
Ryker Beck
Harper Beresford
Raven Pennyfeather
Lexi Morgan
Creamy Cooljoke
Lilith Moriarty
PinkAngelStar69 String
Audra Siemens
SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Jemima Clowes
Albros Breda
Jenneh Thursday
Teagan Blackthorne
Suri Christen
camilla yosuke
Akasha Wachmann
Clio Cardiff
Marleen Vaughan
Chav Paderborn
Laleeta Xue
Onyx LeShelle
Kellie Iwish
Guu Nishi
Belle Lefavre
Tracy Rubble
Autumn Hykova
Talyn Barrett
Andreya Juliesse
Renee Harvy
Indyra Seigo
Miranda Milestone
Cezare Blanco
SySy Chapman
Helen Stringer


In the past few days, i have come to know the incredible generosity of many of our SecondLife designers, through the Blogger Appreciation Week. I take pleasure in reviewing a dress that has quickly become a firm favourite:

against the delicate background of 'Birth' by Sebastean Steamweaver's universe simulator

against the delicate background of 'Birth' by Sebastean Steamweaver's universe simulator



This beautifully textured dress is shown here against an ethereal sky. a fitting image for the delicate design. Stylissimo opens Sunday 17th May, Stylissimo ~ Couture, Home, Shape

The surroundings can be demoed here Quaint & Curious Contraptions

My skin is from the delightful Tuli, her main store found here: TULI main store

My favourite-of-the-moment-jewelry is exquisitely made by Earthstones, L’Chaim jewelry set, which you can find here EarthStones Jewelry – Main Store

I had the fortune last weekend to be taken down to one of the most well known Blues bars across the Grid, named Mamas (Mama’s, When you’ve got the Blues, Rasta Ventures (168, 244, 22)

Sadly, this was the last event for 3 months as Mamas is closing up shop over the northern summer months.

However, to ensure there was an event to remember, entertainment began with Noma Falta, a blues singer with the most *amazing* voice. I know that sounds rather trite, however I mean it when I say she set the show on fire, she truly did 😀
Noma Falta Mama's, When you've got the Blue, Rasta Ventures (16

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